Ethical charter

CERO & ETAGE has joined the Ethical Charter of the Fashion industry from Danish Fashion Institute (DAFI) and the National Association for eating disorders and self-harm. The purpose of the charter was to ensure Danish models, well-being and help to create actual and real information about eating disorders and the ideals which include the fashion industry is helping to create.

The charter was in 2013 extended to more concrete measures and recommendations for the industry - including a minimum age of 16 for models on the catwalk during the Copenhagen Fashion Week and recommendations to industry to models who work during the Copenhagen Fashion Week, must pay for their work.

In 2014 went LMS and DAFI with Copenhagen in a pilot project on a free and voluntary health to Copenhagen models.

On 3 March 2015 DAFI launched Danish Fashion and Textile and WEAR in cooperation with the eight largest modeling agencies, the National Association against eating disorders and self-harm (LMS) and Danish Models (DAMO) a new Fashion Industry Ethical Charter, which, with unambiguous rules and sanctions (current year round) to ensure Danish models, well-being and a healthy body ideal. Only three weeks later, more than 300 companies in the Danish fashion industry signed the Charter.